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Payments and Service Tickets Over the Web

  • Customers can view and pay their invoices online.
  • Services tickets may be submitted online.
  • All data is real-time updated in SedonaOffice.

Provide customers with the ability to view their open invoices, pay them and manage their service calls all via the web.  SedonaWeb is an Internet portal for your customers to manage their accounts with you.  The portal is branded with your logo and all information is updated to SedonaOffice in real-time.

"SedonaWeb has allowed us to improve our web presence and gives our clients yet another way to interface with our company. Whether paying their invoice or updating their credit card information, our clients can perform these tasks on their schedule and without our intervention."
Brian Weatherford, CET, Vice President
Multiguard Corporation
  • SSL Security – all data is fully encrypted
  • Self register – clients can sign up and create an account themselves
  • Easy to set up and brand with your logo
  • Real-time updates in SedonaOffice
  • No double entry
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Multiple hosting option, either yourself of we can do it for you
  • Unlimited user connectivity
  • Master account features to manage multiple sub-accounts
  • PCI Compliant with ACH Direct
  • ASP.Net 64 Bit

Customer Capabilities

  • View open/paid invoices
  • Print an invoice
  • Pay an invoice with a credit card or ACH bank payment
  • Add credit card or bank account
  • Sign up for auto pay
  • View open and closed service tickets
  • Create a new service ticket
  • Add notes to service tickets
  • Upload a document to a service ticket
  • View documents from a service ticket
  • Manage service queue for national or chain accounts

For more information or to schedule a demonstration email: or call 440-247-5602.

  • Microsoft Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 or 2012 R2 Web Edition or better
  • Internet Information Server (IIS) 7 or better
  • .Net 4
  • 50MB available hard drive space
  • Open TCP port 1433 between the IIS Server and primary SQL Server
  • Open TCP port 443 (port 80 optional) to the public internet
  • Static public IP address tied to DNS entry
  • Public DNS entry for SedonaWeb (example
  • SSL Certificate from a public Certificate provider (example GoDaddy or Verisign)  that matches your DNS entry

Special Configuration Considerations: SedonaWeb is designed to be accessible from the general internet. It is not recommend you run SedonaWeb on your SQL Server, but on a dedicated stand alone server. SedonaWeb and BoldNet can be installed on the same server as long as the server runs IIS 7. SedonaWeb will not run under a sub folder of an existing site, please plan on dedicating a site, IP address and host header binding strictly for SedonaWeb.

You MUST have your public IP address routed to the IIS Server and DNS Entries in place prior to installation.

SedonaWeb is a one to one binding to pre-configured SedonaOffice company. If you plan on publishing more then one SedonaOffice company online the you must have IP addresses, SSL Certificates and DNS Entries for each company.

Hosting for SedonaWeb on our servers is available at an additional charge, please contact for more information.